Why raspberry is lost: the main mistakes

08 january 2017, 21:10

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Dear gardeners One of the most asked questions is the question of why in the garden grows poorly and even lost raspberry. Despite the fact that we live in different climatic conditions the error of allowing gardeners when growing raspberries is very similar. Let us consider the most common. I bought raspberries and only then realized that to put it nowhere. And just lost a piece of land under the old raspberry canes.

Making 80% of growers Correctly Uprooting old raspberry planting dig the ground, planting purchased seedlings and waits for the harvest. However, if you managed to harvest raspberries after a landing you are a real magician and not just a green thumb Because the old bushes uprooted you and all the pests and diseases remained on the cleared land. This fungal disease which may in the future not only affect the productivity but also to completely destroy the raspberry and the virus and all; their pests affecting and stems and leaves and berries. Conclusion on the place cleared of the old raspberry canes can be planted raspberries in five years, not earlier The second common mistake is landing in an unprepared hole again in a hurry. In this case, the probability of a high yield also tends to zero.

Raspberry woodland plant but like most berry crops. For the forest litter of rotted leaves of different decomposition degree it is normal and necessary as to maintain moisture in the soil and create a nutrient medium in the growing forest plants. So raspberry is very fond of organic fertilizers to nourish this plant and mulching of planting raspberries it is absolutely necessary for reception of the South of Russia where the soil in summer may rise to +60 degrees If you want to grow high-yielding large-fruited raspberry varieties when planting in the hole or trench, you should add organic fertilizer composted horse or cow manure wood and a handful of superphosphate. If the soil is heavy, you need to add sand, peat, coniferous litter, etc. That is the soil in the planting hole should be easy.

On heavy soils raspberries grow bad often ill root rots and disappears. The third common mistake is burying the seedling at planting. If you are planting a sapling raspberries from the container when planting the level of the soil in the container and the hole must match that is to bury the Bush is not necessary. If the sapling with bare roots dug out of the ground the top of the roots after planting and irrigation should be mixed with soil at 2-3 cm, not more. And that the soil doesn't dry out the Bush to the top mulch sawdust, pine litter pine shavings or shredded bark layer of 10-12 cm or straw a layer of 20 cm during the summer, the mulch layer is reduced and.

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