The secrets of making liqueurs from raspberries

08 january 2017, 21:11

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The contents A very famous and popular tool for the prevention of infection SARS the infusion of raspberry on alcohol. In folk medicine used not only berries but also the leaves of medicinal plants. In berries contain The leaves have a lower nutritional value but greater concentration of essential oils. Tasty and useful berry is used Vitamin C calcium sodium and magnesium are beneficial for the circulatory system so the raspberry infused vodka is used to normalize blood pressure. In diseases of the heart sosudov need to consult a cardiologist before starting the use of tincture of raspberries.

Raspberry is used as a source of iron and vitamins helps with iron deficiency anemia. The improvement of composition of blood is beneficial to women's health eliminates headaches during PMS facilitates the passage of menstruation. Raw materials for tinctures can be grown self-assemble in any place of growth of the berries buy hand or in the supermarket. When you purchase should pay attention to the density of the berries. Unscrupulous sellers collect raspberries in the rain the berries are loose watery not sweet.

When you wash these berries immediately disintegrate into separate segments. It was unknown whether such raw materials collected in ecologically favorable district or the seller got the berries right beside the road. Fresh and ripe raspberries should be strong smell good taste to have a sweet. For tinctures is best to choose berries as Mature nobes defects. Before harvesting the berries, put in colander and rinse with cool not warm water.

Raspberry is a shrub which can be found in every country cooperative. There are more than 200 varieties which vary in yield, time of ripening appearance of the leaves and berries with the requirements of the soil. All the perennial shrubs and deciduous branched reach a height up to 25 m Flowering is from June to late August depending on variety. Petals in different shades of white from ivory to porcelain. Leaves are compound, divided into 3-7 leaflets pubescent individual.

The most recognizable part of the plant berry. Has the shape of a pitcher made up of individual spherical segments filled with juice. The berries are from 15 to 3 cm in length. According to the classification of the fetus belongs to the drupe surface pubescent berries. The taste is sweet pleasant.

Color varies from pale pink to dark purple as they Mature will become darker. The shrub is used in beekeeping as a source of healthy honey. It is used to eliminate beriberi from iron deficiency anemia. During seasonal epidemics of SARS is used to stimulate the immune system. It liquefies mucus so it is suitable for the treatment of bronchitis and tracheitis.

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