The negative award “Golden raspberry”: 10 of the most laureates of all time

08 january 2017, 21:11

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Mr Stallone over a long film career and was nominated for a Razzie 30 times more than anyone else and got 10 figurines. The most fruitful was 1986 when for the title of worst fought two movie rocky 4 and Rambo 2. This year the organizers have come to their senses and nominated the actor For the restoration of reputation in the movie creed. Forever young Madonna the happy owner of 9 figurines Raspberry. It is noteworthy that she received an award for every film with the exception of Evita, but there is a really good singer in Shanghai surprise Body of evidence Best friend and one even shared with then-husband guy Ritchie film swept away.

But this is Madonna feeling that it will not stop even a direct hit by a nuclear missile. All have so much confidence In 2013, the final film about vampire love was already nominated for 11 awards Worst film Worst female lead Kristen Stewart Worst actor of the second plan Taylor Lautner, Worst Director bill Condon Worst remake of a parody or sequel Worst screen Duo of Mackenzie Foy and Taylor Lautner Worst ensemble cast of which received a 7. Don't worry the prize for the worst female role, and the worst film out there. The film received as many as 10 awards. 2 of them went to Adam Sandler for the performance of the worst male and female role and one not to someone but to al Pacino in the category Worst supporting actor for the role himself.

A truly talented person is talented in everything bad to play itself, well it Is the word was the first case in the history of the Golden raspberry when the vast majority of awards were won by a single movie. That February weekend distant in 2010 for Sandra Bullock was very eventful. First, on Saturday she received a Razzie as worst actress of the year for the film All about Steve is not the best of its work affirm. And on Sunday grabbed an Oscar as best actress of the year the truth is for the blind side. We call it a multi-faceted personality.

By the way, Bullock was one of the few who came for Raspberries and honestly got it. In 2005, for the worst role in the documentary Fahrenheit 911 Golden raspberries awarded pool of the White house, US Secretary of defense Donald Rumsfeld Secretary of state Condoleezza rice President George W. Bush and his hand-the goat. No comment. It is also film-record he is the first ever won in all 5 categories in which it was presented.

The self-proclaimed critics not only praised the Director's talent Kevin costner handing him a Razzie for worst Director but doubted his acting data award in the category of Worst actor of the year also went.

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