The best saunas in Saint-Petersburg and region

08 january 2017, 21:11

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Your browser does not support javascript. Turn it on and become happier. The Makarova's quay house 20 Vasileostrovskaya Sports +7 812 701-00-97 Price аренды1 hour 1500 R. Pennarossa Finnish infrared Vmestimost 10 people Бассейн25х25 M. purification system For Vespa Russian sauna bathers brooms massage show programs a spacious pool area, karaoke, satellite TV Detail To find a real Russian bath is not necessarily to go somewhere great facility of this type located in the center of St.

Petersburg. SPA Raspberry hospitably opens its doors for residents and guests and invites to relax from the hustle and bustle and relax in a comfortable and relaxed environment. It offers a good relax in a real Russian bath with brooms and assistance in this matter will have experienced panelsize. After treatments, visitors can end the day in the pool or in the office of the therapist at hand which tense muscles finally relax. In addition to the features a leisure room where you can enjoy a pleasant company to spend the bachelor party bachelorette party corporate event or enjoy an exclusive entertainment program 18+.

In the lounge there is a TV and karaoke system for a more comfortable stay guests can enjoy herbal tea, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for every taste.In the bath are always at your service ample space for a large company large steam room rest room area shower oblivnye bucket pool Underfloor heating karaoke satellite TV DVD free Wi-Fi Board games polite personaldataelem hookah Slippers, towels and bath accessories the order of dishes brooms of birch oak and fir herbal. services of pallidity a masseuse We also organize specially for you a Banquet show programmistov from 1500рчас. When ordering for a longer time and the owners of VIP cards, discount system Your name Contact phone Date posestion Please enable javascript in your browser to activate the line.

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