Tea with raspberries

08 january 2017, 21:11

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Raspberry is one of the most ancient crops on the planet. In ancient times, before the ubiquitous spread of Chinese tea drink tea drink from raspberries. It was the most popular tea among the Slavs who not only filed but used for medicinal purposes. What are the curative effect of tea from the fruits and twigs of raspberry Usually due to raspberry tea can ease the symptoms or even cure the following diseases Medicinal properties of raspberry branches are used to strengthen the immune system. Also tea with raspberry is the prevention of atherosclerosis may help to strengthen blood vessels to normalize the process of blood clotting and it's all thanks contained in the branches of raspberry the coumarin.

Raspberries are also useful because of its high content of salicylic acid. Therefore, tea made from its berries will possess diaphoretic analgesic and antibacterial properties. Another useful property of tea with raspberry is that its branches are considered as an effective astringent. Because of this they can be used if there is internal bleeding or heavy menstruation. The best result can be achieved if you use fresh cut stems.

But if you have dry branches of raspberry they can also be brewing. There are three ways of preparation of this tea. How do raspberry tea helps to fight the common cold and the temperature is Usually to deal with inflammation as a result of lowering the temperature is a recognized medication such as salicylic acid. Just in raspberries contains a large number. Thanks to this natural aspirin raspberry tea can neutralize germs, remove inflammation and reduce pain.

Also because of the content in raspberries of the variety of substances support the body strengthens the immune system. These substances include vitamins, iron, pectin and phosphorus. Of course in addition to raspberry large role played by the tea to take hot. Thanks to him warming up the whole body and in particular a sore throat. Physicians are advised to seek treatment colds using raspberry tea if the temperature is not above 39 because only in this case, there is no guarantee of additional medication to bring the temperature down.

But if the temperature of the 39S or is even better you should definitely seek medical help. Especially tea with raspberry beneficial to children. After all, when the child has a slight fever then it is much more useful raspberry tea than to take medicine. Tea with raspberries useful during pregnancy fresh frozen berries or jam. The drink will have a positive effect on the immune system due to the high content of vitamin C will help to reduce the symptoms of toxicity and have sedative.

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