Raspberry — indications and contraindications to the use

08 january 2017, 21:11

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The contents Rare to meet a person who does not like sweet and fragrant raspberries. This berry is not only delicious but also very useful. This files most often remember about the raspberry in the treatment of ARI and ARI. But its ability to fight colds only a small part of advantages. We all remember how in childhood colds we were given raspberry jam.

It's not just the taste. Raspberry contains a lot of vitamin C and a large percentage of salicylic acid. In fact it is the same aspirin only natural origin. Unlike pharmaceutical means natural contains no chemicals. So tea with raspberry preferable to pills, especially for children.

Raspberry has the ability to lower body temperature reduces headaches and eliminates toxins. This is a great diaphoretic. To berry retains all its beneficial properties when homework it is better not to conserve but simply to grind with sugar at the rate of 11 i.e. 1 kg of raspberry need to take 1 kg of sugar.

It can also be dry. In such methods, the storage of raspberry retains its useful properties as a cough remedy. I wonder what the benefit of the leaves and stems of raspberry the same so they are brewed as a tea and drink with ailments. Contained in raspberries essential oil perfectly contribute to increased appetite and the presence of fiber in raspberries beneficial effect on the muscles of the intestine. the various acids contained in berries lemon Apple wine and other improve digestion.

A great benefit of raspberry to the human body and constipation as it is a natural laxative acts gently and without side effects. For the establishment of the gastrointestinal tract enough in the season before each meal to eat 10-15 berries. You should know that raspberries contain pectin which remove salts of heavy metals. Under the current environmental situation is one of the most valuable properties of the miracle berry. And this property is retained after heat treatment for example if the berries cook jam.

Fresh raspberry promotes weight loss and recovery of metabolism. Raspberry sweet berry but mainly due to the fructose has a very low glycemic index and low in calories. Moreover, in its composition contains lipolytic enzymes are a great break down fats. Therefore, its use is evident for people suffering from overweight. Dietitians very often include the raspberries in the diet of those who want to lose weight.

Raspberry multivitamin berry. It contains vitamins a group With D E RR rich in micro and macro. This chemistry explains why such use raspberries fresh or as jam for immunity.

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