RASPBERRY In modern colloquial-familiar style the word raspberry is used to the emotional qualifications

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RASPBERRY In modern colloquial-familiar style the word raspberry is used for emotional training for something. It means `expanse right loveliness. For example in V. A. Gilyarovsky in essays on the theater 1941 They are in the other half of our apartment living.

Lacking with them and raspberries. Three times a day are drunk sleep and eat again In Khitrovka p. 143. CP. Chekhov in the story of the Fugitives: my brother rashly well, if raspberry.

Turgenev in Novi Golushkin.. barked Sacrifice even a thousand Vaska get. What Vaska replied in a low voice Raspberry.

N. V. the assumption in the Scene of the rural festival of 1858 the Elder began to throw figures and hands and feet. Yes pointedly said one man staring at the ground with his forehead raspberries.

. And walked away from the crowd. CP. immediately half a bucket on the nose. Kuti raspberry.

Of course, this value forms a special independent word raspberries which is used in a very limited phraseological context usually in contrast and, moreover, in the function of the predicate. To associate this homonym with another word raspberry has a value of 1 Berry shrub of the Rosaceae family 2 Berries of this plant 3 Medicinal drink of boiling water infused with dried berries of this plant in terms of literary language is not possible, however, Ms. CL. Ushakova 2 p. 125.

Obviously the word raspberry in the meaning `expanse Privolnoe habitation' was in common parlance from some of the jargon. Known use of the word raspberry in the card and in the thieves ' argot. In raspberries `win'. For example, in the Brothers Karamazov, Dostoevsky's speech Rakitin out Of all of this can really clash to happen criminal. And that's your brother Ivan is waiting for and here he in raspberries and Katerina Ivanovna will acquire which dries and its sixty-thousand dowry will bite.

And what is this Ivan man deceive you all that all of you before him Holy And he is over you laughing in raspberries say sit and your account lakomstvo h 1 kN. 1 Chapter 7. Cm. V. Gilyarovsky in his essay On Hitrovka And last night the bypass were.

. business as always, nobody in raspberries served. Cm. also On in a few words he told that to them in raspberries under the shelter of Bardadym lucky one came and said to the hacks of the rich guests came ibid.

p. 156. CP. in the brochure of M. M.

Kulchytsky .. Here's another Remiz Nothing answered Fabi finis coronat opus. What I see finis in raspberries Some great and useful truths about the game preference is given to the system by the candidate by the philosopher P.

Remizov SPb. 1843 Russian. old APR 1908 p. 206. In the essay A.

Kuzbasskogo the thief, the Feast went on as order. Lawman ate well and drank even better and stayed in preference to such a party where as.

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