Raspberry during pregnancy: pros and cons

08 january 2017, 21:11

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01.06.2016 Medicinal plants Proper nutrition 600 Views Raspberry is one of the most popular berries which combines a wonderful aroma, pleasant taste and many benefits. And useful not only fruit but also the leaves and young shoots of this widespread and hardy garden plants. Eating raspberries during pregnancy is a separate issue because the physiological condition of a female organism there are certain restrictions in habits and diet to consider.

The contents Raspberry contains a lot of useful substances to the body In addition to the berries are glycosides strengthen the blood vessels due to which raspberry has its attractive purple color. It is important to note that the caloric content of the berries is very low and amounts to 4550 kcal per 100 grams of product. As already mentioned useful properties have not only the fruit but also the leaves and young branches. Fresh berry good without any additional tweaks. It can be used both in natural form and with the addition of sugar and sour cream.

This is sufficient to obtain a specific therapeutic effect. There are also medical recipes with raspberries. The leaves and young twigs of the plant are rich in trace elements in minerals with fruit acids. Raspberry leaf can be prepare a decoction has antipyretic diuretic diaphoretic and expectorant properties in Addition, the leaf decoction helps stabilize blood pressure and strengthen the immune system. In addition, raspberry leaf is able to exert a mild antibacterial effect which makes them useful in sore throat disease stomatitis pharyngitis and laryngitis.

The ascorbic acid content of vitamin C of the leaves is several times greater than the berry. Despite the fact that the indications for use of a lot to drink the broth better than it was after consultations with the doctor and here's why. The use of tea with raspberries with a cold almost safe if you follow a recommended concentration of berries in the drink. But with the decoction of the leaves need to be careful drinking it even in the aforementioned dosage may provoke the opening of the cervix. To obtain antipyretic and vitamin effect in the first and third trimester of pregnancy enough 34 times a day to drink tea or herbal tea which added 23 raspberry leaf per Cup of dry or fresh.

Broth is better to use to gargle to wash the face, rinse hair. To do this, 2 tablespoons of crushed leaves and young twigs is better if the raw material is pre-dried to pour ½ liter of boiling water and infuse for several hours. Fresh.

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