Raspberry during pregnancy

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The contents Raspberry is the most popular folk remedy for the treatment of colds. After all, children and adults with colds immediately used for therapeutic purposes, this berry. But raspberries can be used for therapy of not only colds but also other diseases. It should be emphasized that in addition to the berries healing properties and roots leaves flowers branches, that is, the entire shrub. Almost everyone knows that being subjected to freezing or heat treatment raspberry almost does not lose its beneficial properties is why many make stocks for the entire year boiled raspberry jam and freeze it.

Great helper raspberry is for those people which are contraindicated medications. But it is worth remembering that the raspberry has its contraindications therefore she should apply in large numbers. Particular attention to the use of raspberry should be pregnant women but no need to abandon it completely. It is an indisputable fact that raspberry brings enormous benefits to women in the position of this berry is the most useful among others and rightly so. But not to talk about the healing properties and useful composition of this medicinal berry is impossible.

Most popular raspberry due to the large number in the berries of vitamin C, even though vitamin A berry contains more salicylic acid of vegetable origin its greatest quantity contains in the leaves of the raspberry and also substances which have a similar effect with antibiotics. That is why raspberries are used for the treatment of inflammatory diseases that cause hyperthermia. Most often these diseases are SARS, the common cold or flu. But as mentioned above, in the folk recipes used all parts raspberry shrub for treatment of various diseases such as gastrointestinal disease diseases of the cardiovascular system diseases of the urinary organs, the dysfunction of metabolic failure of the hormonal system diseases of the skin hemorrhoids diabetes rheumatism and others. Very useful for girls is raspberry due to the fact that in its composition a high level of b vitamins, This berry should enter into the diet during prolonged heavy and painful menstruation as raspberry eliminates PMS, and normalizes the menstrual cycle.

In addition, the experts of herbal medicine believe in the effectiveness of raspberry in the fight against infertility. Many women know that the most dangerous period for pregnancy and the fetus is 1 trimester of pregnancy as the immune system in this period is weaker than in a natural way and the woman becomes exposed to many harmful microorganisms. In addition medications this pregnancy extremely.

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