Raspberry beneficial properties. Application in folk medicine

08 january 2017, 21:10

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The healing properties of raspberries Last year I put on my blog Narmedblog.ru article Medicinal properties of raspberries from 19 November 2012. During this time I became acquainted with new material on the subject, so I decided to write a new article. I hope you will find in it something useful to you. ● Leading specialists growing raspberries advised not to cut the dry stalks of a raspberry to the new tender shoots did not break under the weight of snow and wind.

They claim that there will come a time when dry twigs themselves will disappear. Perhaps you noticed that the good crops of raspberries, are in those areas where not cut dry stems. ● In a pinch you can use the dry stalks for cooking and medicinal drugs. The fact that these parts of the plant have not all his healing power lost. Break into small pieces dry the stems and place them in a metal can close it tightly with a lid and put in the oven.

Under the influence of high temperature on the bottom of the jar forms a black powder. Here you have the remedy cleansing the body of accumulated toxins toxins and chemical pharmaceutical drugs. Take the inside of ⅓ of a teaspoon 4-5 times a day. This tool will be especially useful for people who are in my life managed to swallow any tablets and now complaining that it hurts inside. ● We all know that in folk medicine is considered the most useful wild raspberry.

But its in no event it is impossible to cook because of all the useful healing substances under high temperature broken. The best methods of harvesting as wild and cultural raspberry freezing or drying the berries. This raspberry will be useful to produce honey balms. Life happens illness goes somewhere nearby so we advise you to have always at hand the healing balm raspberry. ● How to prepare balm of raspberries Fill to the brim a glass jar of uniform alternating layers of berries and honey.

In the same capacity you can add in your own herbs. Most often it is the leaves of horseradish and blackcurrant peppermint thyme oregano. With cancer and cirrhosis of the liver the presence of these herbs is essential. If you did not have honey you can prepare a balm for the Sahara only this product is prohibited for patients with diabetes cancer and scrofula. ● Now, your attention is the recipe special balm raspberries which helps cancer patients lymph lymphoma treatment is carried out in combination with the main.

How to make balm ● The patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis from arthritis and joint pain on the background of streptococcal infections will help bath with raspberries. The branches and leaves of the plant, place in a fabric.

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