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Raspberries is rich in organic acids up to 25% sugars, about 10% of aromatic and mineral substances and vitamins. 100 g of berries contains 0812 0914 g protein g organic acids 38 g Sugars 35 g of fiber 06 3 031 mg iron mg copper to 273 mg calcium 45 mg phosphorus 127 mg potassium 39 mg sodium 24 mg of magnesium 3 mg zinc 15 mg manganese 5060 mg of vitamin C 0507 g of pectins 210250 mg of P-active substances 140150 mg of anthocyanins. A lot in raspberries and coffee and quinic acid has chlorogenic. A high content in fruits of raspberry of salicylic acid 0525% due to its exceptional popularity in the treatment of colds and as a sudorific. Vitamin B9 folic acid which is contained in the berries 0205 mg per 100 g is one of the fundamental components of hematopoiesis normal updates of blood which is very important for residents of Russia.

In General, hematogenous set raspberry vitamin B9 0205 mg per 100 g of berries, iron 23 mg copper 1 mg is a high value for the normal renewal of blood and prevents such blood diseases as anemia and leukemia. Raspberry has long been used in folk medicine as a diaphoretic antipyretic remedy because it contains volatile antibiotics, and salicylic acid. In raspberries there are also other vitamins in mg per 100 g of berries carotene 0106 B1 - B2 001-009 - 005-009 E - 04-14 RR - 06-08 K - 04-06. In folk medicine used as a good remedy for colds and cut annual shoots of raspberry. The juice from the raspberries used in diabetes.

The dried flowers and young leaves of raspberry also used in the form of infusions for cough fever atherosclerosis hypertension. Essential oils inhibit pathogenic purulent bacteria for colds upper respiratory tract. Raspberry valuable bee plant, with 1 hectare on average collect 100 kg of honey. Some researchers have noted the presence of in raspberry fruits formic acid. The infusion of the flowers and young leaves of raspberry is used for hemorrhoids female diseases it's used to remove acne pimples.

Decoction of flowers treat the face and inflammation of the eye conjunctivitis. In Tibetan medicine, the leaves and stems of raspberry recommended for neurasthenia disorders of stomach and kidney diseases. Since ancient times, our ancestors gathered raspberries in the woods. Its seeds, found on the site of the man of stone and bronze age in Asia and Europe. Description raspberry for the first time this ancient Roman historian Pliny the Elder.

But in the culture she came later. The first mention of the cultivation of raspberries are found in the literature of Germany and England only in the sixteenth century. In Russia she was in the XVII century. Generally its March by the European States raspberry beginning in the nineteenth century when British breeders were withdrawn.

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