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Red raspberry Latin. Rubus idaeus shrub species of the genus Rubus of the Rose family Rosaceae.Growing on felled areas forests shrubs rivers. Often grown in gardens. Raspberry fruit is consumed as fresh and frozen or used to make jams jellies marmalade juices.

Crimson wines liqueurs liqueurs have high taste qualities. Vernacular names forest Queen bear agodespite plant parts root leaves branches fruits flowers Raspberry fruit is due to the rich biochemical composition are successfully used for prevention and treatment of cardiovascular gastrointestinal respiratory and other diseases. Organic acids malic citric tartaric and etc. contained in raspberries contribute to a better digestion of food. They have a detrimental effect on the microorganisms that cause intestinal infections.

Particularly useful at low acidity of gastric juice. A special place is salicylic acid has antibacterial properties and is used as a diaphoretic and antipyretic analgesic. Raspberry fruit is take for flu bronchitis laryngitis, as an expectorant for coughs either in pure form or in composition with other herbs. The therapeutic use of raspberry The warm aura of the planet Venus, the Element water Magical properties of love protection energy resilience of loyalty Magic to use this magic herb is used variously mainly for the protection and preservation of marriage. A talisman to protect the house from damage and the evil eye put under the Windows and in the corners of the garden shrubs, it will protect from a big-eyed neighbors and evil spirits.

Raspberry branch with berries and flowers strengthen over the entrance and Windows of the house to protect from evil forces especially witches ' days in the house after death. A talisman to protect the house from wickedness collected twigs with berries raspberries on the waning moon to tie a red ribbon and hang in the room in the right middle corner of the door. When the twigs are dry and not remove them is the best amulet for protection from evil spirits, ghosts and other mischief. Raspberry is the most delicious life-saving amulet from supernatural forces. If you are plagued by ghosts it is necessary for one lunar month in the morning on an empty stomach eat a handful of raspberries.

To start cleansing better on the growing moon. Thus in all this period not to drink any beverages except tea of the young twigs and leaves of raspberries. Gather the young leaves of raspberry on the growing moon and dried in the shade. Raspberry tea is good for colds and depression and vitamin deficiency his healing and rejuvenating especially applicable for aging men. Amulet for pregnant women carry raspberry leaves they contribute to the resilience of the energy saving from.

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