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flowers plants garden flowers, medicinal plants Raspberry - shrub 50 to 150 cm Stems develop from rhizomes erect simple cylindrical drooping at the top in the first year of life first green fluffy with spikes then bluish stiffening their spines in the second year of flowering which is the fruit and then dying. The leaves are alternate upper - lower Ternate - pinnate with 5-7 leaflets with petioles. White flowers are gathered in axillary racemes lateral and terminal paniculate-corymbose inflorescence. The fruit is crimson-red, sometimes yellow globose-oval mnogochastny. Blooms in June - July, the fruits ripen in July - August.

Grows in damp forests, ravines bushes on country roads and clearings in the culture - in the gardens and near the housing usually forms thickets. In Belarus is common throughout. Widespread in the forest zone of the European part of the Caucasus in the mountains of Central Asia to Siberia to lake Baikal. Raspberry fruits are eaten fresh or used for making jams cordials syrups drinks confectionery. Young leaves are edible as a substitute for tea.

In medicine uses the fruit of raspberry wild plants. Collect Mature fruits are separated from the receptacle by removing unripe and overripe wrinkled and spoiled fruit accidentally fell raspberry leaves. Cooled dried in ovens or kilns at a temperature of 50-60 degrees C. Before drying, the fruit can be provyalit in the sun. Well dried the fruits do not stain hands and when compression does not stick together in clumps.

Fruits contain organic acids malic citric and salicylic.. vitamin C, carotene and sugar. Used in a tea as a diaphoretic for colds.

Dosage form infusion - 12 tablespoon raspberry fruit brew 2 cups boiling water vessel to close the paper wrap and cloth and leave until the morning and then the contents of his strain. Take 12 Cup 3-4 times a day. Used the infusion of raspberry fruit and tea as a means of diaphoretic for colds. Fruits have anti-sclerotic properties are included in the labour fees contraindicated in nephritis and gout. The raspberries contain sugar cellulose and organic acids pectins tannins and dyes, vitamins carotene copper salt and potassium salicylic acid fatty acid sitosterol.

Fresh berries improve digestion and quench thirst. Have antiemetic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. Raspberry tea is used for colds cough effect depends on the availability at the raspberries salicylic acid. Raspberries contraindicated in nephritis and gout as.

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