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PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION OF EVENTS +74957607876 123SHOWMAIL.RU Concert festive Agency 123 SHOW the order of the star performers on the corporate event wedding anniversary private parties. Guest stars foreign music. Stars of the Russian show-business as the leading of your events. Organization and conduct of events under the key.

Technical rider for performances by stars of Russian and foreign music. Recommendations on the selection of artists taking into account the specifics of your celebration. VIEW THE COST OF POP STAR PERFORMANCES VIEW FULL LIST OF RUSSIAN STARS The girl who took the pseudonym MALINA a hard life. She was born in Leningrad on July 27. The father of her military mother - athlete champion of Karelia in gymnastics later coach.

It would be strange living in such a family does not engage in the firing of weapons and sports. As evidenced by close to a three-month old Raspberry shouted so that shook the glass. Produced voice. And then disaster struck. Due to the extraordinary curiosity of Malina when she was less than two years fell into the pot of boiling water.

The child was saved but had to make 7 anesthesia and three plastics. Perhaps this influenced the fact that the nature of girls to become strong from childhood. For example, when on Christmas holiday Santa Claus gave the girl candy, she stubbornly refused to climb into the bag and got myself the sweetness to taste. And also, she always struggled with her own fears. Raspberry says that until the third grade did not dare to go into the water.

Until one day she had enough and she threw herself into the pool. Almost drowned yeah but learned to swim. In the school years Raspberry attended all kinds of clubs - gymnastics singing dancing swimming. So close at first perceived love for singing as a hobby. Truly her talent drew the attention of the music teacher in the tenth grade.

And notes the girl taught herself. The girl grew up very stubborn and independent was not the case that she was crying. And when there were difficulties in adapting to a new school and when she fell in gym class was nearly injuring his spine. It was not until the age of eleven while Raspberry parents lived on lake Baikal. When Malin was 12 she was moved to Ulyanovsk.

And it is in Ulyanovsk, just two years later she became a real star. Malina has participated in many competitions and prizes just fell on her. Glass slipper the Morning star At the ball Cinderella - these transmissions have remembered for a long time. With 14 years Raspberry began to make music. She says that participated in the masquerade Carnival of love is made on.

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