Preserving berries-Ilya Melnikov.

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Preserving berries-Ilya Melnikov. To read the online book. Electronic library of books of all genres Strawberry jam 1 option In order to prepare a jam, the berries should be cleaned from extraneous impurities, flush with water under low pressure or place in a colander and rinse several dives in a bowl of cold water to let the water drain to be cleaned from sepals. Prepared berries placed in enamel basin pour in layers with sugar 1 kg per 1 kg of prepared fruit and withstand 8 hours. After the appearance of the juice add water to 100 g per 1 kg of berries and put the bowl on a small fire.

Mass, bring to boil stirring frequently and carefully so as not to violate the integrity of the berries and cook for 40 minutes. Then boiling jam to be packaged in a well-warmed glass jars with a capacity of 05 L. Filled cans cover with boiled lids with lacquered resealed to turn upside down and cool. Strawberry jam 2 option Cooking syrup. The syrup is prepared at the rate of 12 kg of sugar and 275 g of water per 1 kg of prepared fruit.

A container of this mixture must be put on the heat and boil the mixture until the sugar is dissolved. The finished syrup is filtered through 3 layers of cheesecloth laid in a colander. Next, the prepared berries placed in enamel basin, pour hot 80 degree syrup exposed for 4 hours then cook on low heat in three steps. The first cooking lasts 30 minutes to 2 hours to cook again for 30 minutes to withstand another 2 hours and cook until tender. If the jam is ready drop of syrup on a saucer is lowered when the cooling does not spread.

Ready hot jam pour into preheated banks cover lacquered caps hermetically sealed to turn down neck and cooling. To increase the shelf life of the jam prepared with the first and the second method can be pasteurized. The increase of storage period. To increase the shelf life of the finished hot jam need to be packaged in a dry hot sterilized banks, cover with dry lids to put in a pot heated to 70 degree water and pasteurized at a temperature of 90 degrees. Time pasteurization for cans 05 l 10 minutes 1 liter 15 minutes.

The pasteurization pot cover. The water level should be 3 cm below the top of the neck of the banks. After pasteurization banks hermetically sealed to turn down neck and cooling. Preserving raspberries For canning, you should choose dark-colored berries of medium size. Fresh berries to sort discarding unripe mashed to remove the sepals and peduncle.

Raspberry often amazed by the larvae of raspberry beetle small white worms. To remove them, the berries should be placed in the pelvis and.

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