Prepare raspberry liqueur or tincture at home

08 january 2017, 21:11

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Raspberry liqueur is a delicious healthy drink that can be prepared all year round of fresh and frozen berries. Recipes obtain it a lot but regardless of the characteristics of the berries always sorted out by getting rid of spoiled fruits and twigs they degrade the taste of the drink. The perfect liquid base for the infusion of raspberry will serve quality spirits store moonshine purified and natural alcohol diluted to 45°C. To prepare the drink, collect the following ingredients Next, put the raspberries in a colander rinse with water and allow the liquid to drain. Wrinkled berries let the juice wash.

In any case, the product pour in a jar and crush with a rolling pin until mushy state. In the next stage, in a container pour the water and alcohol and thoroughly mixed composition. My dishes in a warm place for 10 days but its contents are periodically shaken. On the 11th day begin to filter the infusion. The product is passed through several layers of cheesecloth and wring out the cake.

Combine the liquid with syrup made of sugar and 300 ml of water and cleaned for re-infusion but at 2 3 weeks. Soon as I get the residue poured a drink. At the exit it turns out, however, strong alcohol aftertaste after eating the leaves. Fragrant cake can be filled with moonshine and let it sit for a couple of weeks. So from one set of components and you'll get two separate drinks.

Bringing in a bottle of pure ripe berries they poured so much vodka in so they completely covered the alcohol component. Then gently shake the capacity achieving dissolution of air bubbles. A jar sealed with a nylon cap and clean in a dark place for 2-month maturation. The room temperature should be room. After the specified time, the infusion was passed through a thick sieve.

For 2 months fruit should completely lose the color of the cooked product to get enough raspberry juice and buy a beautiful shade. If the drink seems sour before drinking it can be mixed with honey or sugar syrup. A surprisingly delicious beverage obtained from berries 750 g of brandy and 1 litre absence in the recipe of sugar allows the brandy to retain a specific flavor of noble alcohol. Consider the cooking process step by step. To give new life to unwanted raspberry jam will help the following recipe.

An important condition for producing high-quality beverage is the lack of mold in a jar of jam or jam. Otherwise, instead of the tincture will brew. Recipe liqueur, jam is If you want to reduce the fortress of the finished liqueur it adds a bit of water. So-called blended tincture is prepared from equal amounts of ripe berries Berries grind on the sieve.

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