Malina — wild or cultivated shrub to 1.5 m tall, with perennial rootstock, RA

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Raspberries, wild or cultivated shrub up to 15 m tall, with perennial rootstock develops two-year stalks. The berries of garden raspberries contains up to 115% of sugar glucose fructose and sucrose and organic acids malic citric and salicylic tannins pectin to 09% fibre 4-6% flavonoids anthocyanins, minerals and trace elements iron copper potassium calcium magnesium zinc cobalt vitamin B1, B2, PP, folic acid, provitamin A. In raspberries relatively little vitamin C but a lot of iron. It in raspberries more than other fruit crops per 100 g of berries 2-36 mg in addition to cherries and gooseberries. Its seeds contain a fatty oil and beta-sitosterol has anti-sclerotic properties.

The leaves contain flavonoids and organic acids. The therapeutic effect raspberry jam is very simple it contains salicylate acetylsalicylic acid has anti-inflammatory and relieves fever but these substances in berries are a bit smaller than different pills why raspberry is a safer remedy than every pharmaceutical drugs. Like many other types of raspberry jam is better to cook freshly collected berries then it will turn out really tasty and flavorful. Recipes raspberry jam, there are many and every woman by trial and error sooner or later find the best option that is to your taste but do not cook for a long time the berry from these recipes, it is better to refuse because the long cooking all the nutrients will be destroyed, and in fact you make just a regular dessert without curative properties. How to keep maximum vitamins Cooking raspberries over the minimum time.

Minimum culinary processing mean so-called jam-five-minute when the berries are cooked just a few minutes. Composition 100 g. product ©

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