How to open a business growing raspberries? Business plan for growing raspberries

08 january 2017, 21:11

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Bookmarked 0 Raspberries are a popular berry Raspberry a very popular berry how taste and health value. It is always a price premium and in demand so the business growing raspberries is very popular especially in Europe. Raspberry berry that likes a well-sunlit area and moisture, but not excess otherwise you will rot the roots. To the soil, it is not particularly finicky will go any only of the salt marshes tolerate worse. Best suited to sandy soil with mulching.

The maximum acidity of the soil should not exceed a pH of 5.8-6.2. All these parameters should be considered before planning a business plan for growing raspberries especially if you are planning a large area. Depending on the planned scope of business is considered the size and the size of the plot.

If this is a trial version of quite a few acres of land. If it is a large scale business then in the first place laid such a plot the cells with raspberry where her pluck the buds and flowers to plants to direct the formation of shoots for this are purchased at the experimental stations a large number of seedlings as some part can move unnecessary. There are 2 types of raspberries that are suitable for business There are 2 types of raspberries that are suitable for business Raspberry with a two-year cycle of its development from the second year is beginning to bear fruit. It is good for its aroma and sweet taste as well gaining sugar for the period of summer development. But this variety does not tolerate severe frosts especially if a little snow fell.

Additionally, this raspberry tend to ache from a variety of pests that love the raspberry. Everbearing variety of raspberry fruiting on first year of development and the second equally well. And can bear two crops in summer and autumn. But the business is better this kind of use in annual crop and picking berries to do this once in late summer or early autumn. The stems from which the berries are already finally removed in late autumn or early spring must be cut to ground level and destroy the plot.

This process of circumcision of raspberry need to update. First is calculated the initial capital and selected grade raspberry suitable for cultivation in the vicinity of Moscow. For this area usually fit two varieties of raspberry The maximum acidity of the soil should not exceed a pH of 5.8-6.2.

You can use other varieties for growing business raspberry these include These varieties should be borne in mind in the future when testing in the event planning business over large areas. In the very Sunny and humid area planted seedlings raspberry rows oriented North-South spacing in this.

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