How to cook a delicious raspberry jam?

08 january 2017, 21:10

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Raspberry needs no introduction from the earliest times it is valued for its taste and useful properties. This berry is indispensable for colds and very useful for routine use with the aim of strengthening the immune system. It is harvested for future use in a variety of ways dried freeze cook compotes and jams. About jam and talk To cook a delicious raspberry jam you need first into your minds that this berry is particularly delicate and does not need to digest it. Remember as advised in the old recipes to check the readiness of jam to Put a drop on a saucer and if the straw and froze as the statue of the jam is ready.

So Malin is in my opinion inapplicable. If you cook it to the consistency so that the concrete drops about any taste and can be no question, it's just the raspberry candy. Because I suggest to cook the raspberries in a gentle way. For jam selected healthy Mature berries purified from the peduncle and worms. Depending on personal preference and the sweetness of berries dosing sugar per 1 kg of raspberries need 115 kg of sugar.

The berries are placed in a bowl in layers and peresypaya sugar for this step is about 23 of the required sugar. In this form, leave for 8-10 hours to let raspberry juice. Then the resulting juice is separated from the berries and pour it in the pan which will cook the jam. Juice over medium heat bring to a boil and fall asleep there the rest of the sugar while stirring and removing the foam. Once foam stops actively formed turn off the heat and the resulting syrup was allowed to cool to 60-70 degrees.

Then carefully add to the syrup the berries put on a small fire and bring to a boil again and skim. Boil 5-8 minutes and immediately pour jam into sterile jars and roll. Cooked this recipe jam store amazing taste and aroma of fresh berries. The principle of preserving berries remains the same they must be clean and healthy. But there is one little secret to this jam you need to collect not only ripe berries but prozrenie and a small amount of unripe.

They will give our jam gelling effect. Take sugar in the same proportions as in the classical orientation meeting from 1 to 15 kg per 1 kg of berries, depending on personal preference. This jam is cooked in two stages. Again, the berries fall asleep 23 sugar and leave for a couple of hours to let raspberry juice. If time is of the essence and you need to cook immediately put on a low heat you can add 1-2 tablespoons of water to speed up the melting of sugar and slowly bring to a boil stir until the sugar is dissolved and remove the formed foam.

Cook for literally 5-7 minutes and switch off leaving.

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