Growing raspberries as a private profitable business

08 january 2017, 21:10

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Raspberry berry with a sweet taste and which carries many benefits for human health. Raspberry tea can cure colds jam favorite candy for adults as for children. Due to the fact that raspberry is tasty and useful berry is the demand for it falls throughout the year. It can be your good source of income and become a private business. Today we will talk about how to grow and how to organize this lucrative business.

The contents Dear readers, the Article talks about the typical ways of resolving legal issues but each case is individual. If you want to learn how to solve Your problem, please contact the Advisor Moscow Saint Petersburg Regions It's fast and free The cultivation of this berry a very efficient business that allows you to get high profit. Its benefits include If you're wondering how to calculate the land tax in 2016 read this article. How to grow raspberries so there are two for one and two harvests This method has its advantages In the greenhouse can be planted both summer and everbearing raspberries. On average, from one Bush can collect from 4 kilos of berries.

If raspberry will be grown in the greenhouse in this case, it is necessary that the greenhouse has been closed since early spring. While will be the growth of seedlings it will protect raspberries from rain cold pests. Everything else in the greenhouse, the berry will grow much faster than in the open field and it will give more yield. Raspberries in an industrial environment must be propagated using shoots of the root system. Autumn sprouts lay and fit to finish is about 2-3 weeks before the first frost.

In the spring part of the seedlings above ground are removed thereby stimulating the emergence of roots. Fruit shrub usually starts in July. The yield from one Bush can collect up to 6 kg. If you plan to make sales through the trading groups in this case, you must register its activities. You need to make an individual entrepreneur.

To open a limited liability company makes no sense. To legally conduct their activities, you must meet the following conditions Next, we consider examples of varieties which are very popular among farmers. These varieties have been recommended by specialists. They boast the following qualities high yield cold resistance resistant to fungal infections. Varieties early Varieties medium early Varieties of medium ripening time Remontant varieties The purchase should be carried out in the spring.

When purchasing seedlings you first need to pay special attention to the root.

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