Growing everbearing raspberries

08 january 2017, 21:10

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Leave a comment Rare to find a garden plot which would not grow raspberries. Most often it is red raspberry. It yields a harvest in mid-summer. In this article I want to draw the attention of gardeners remontant raspberries. It is not yet particularly common in suburban areas.

Fans of the raspberries is to put her to season eating the berries from the Bush lasted until late autumn especially that the cultivation of everbearing raspberry does not represent any complexity. The best time for planting everbearing raspberry is a spring. Seedlings typically sell with closed root system. They are quite expensive to buy but a lot of them, you needn't to 1 2 pieces of several varieties. If any sort you will enjoy in the future, you will be able to multiply.

I must say that even with minimal care the seedlings by the autumn you will be able to collect from each Bush and 05 kg of berries. Berries everbearing raspberries in the first year Matures later than usual - in late August and continue to fill until late autumn as the weather allows. For the successful cultivation of everbearing raspberry important to choose the right place to land. It should be open and Sunny without stagnation of melt water. It is also important to plant it away from the ordinary raspberries.

First you need to properly prepare the soil. The plot of width 80 cm and length you need to deeply dig carefully choosing the roots of weeds, especially perennial raspberries in this place for a long time to grow. For each meter dug earth, add 1 bucket of compost or humus and 1 liter jar of wood ash. Dig site a second time but shallow and flatten the soil with a rake. Along the whole of the prepared area in the middle need to do the layout and plant the plants in one row.

The distance between the bushes should be 08 1 m. Seedlings not zaglubljaja. Water generously and plants over mulch the ground with compost of rotted sawdust, straw or old hay. This important farming reception will help to retain soil moisture. To everbearing raspberries produce in the first year of planting it is necessary to feed.

This should be done twice a month in June and July. Alternate fertilizing liquid complex fertilizers with fertilizer infusions of weeds. Since the bulk of the roots of the raspberry in the surface layer of the ground in hot dry weather should be well watered it once a week. No need to tie up every Bush raspberries in particular. Best on each side of the landing to hammer the stakes to which to tie several rows of rope or wire.

So raspberry will be in a kind of tunnel and will grow freely. In the first year the shrub grows usually.

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