Fragrant raspberry, useful properties and contraindications

08 january 2017, 21:10

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What is raspberry useful properties and contraindications raspberry and whether this plant has any medicinal properties, These questions often arise for those who care about their health and takes an interest in the folk methods of treatment in particular treatment by using medicinal plants. This interest is understandable. Maybe in this article in some way you will be able to answer these questions. Now Red raspberry Rúbus idáeus is a shrub of the genus Rubus of the Rose family Rosaceae. Growing on felled areas forests shrubs rivers.

Often grown in gardens. Red raspberry deciduous shrub with perennial rootstock from which to develop the biennial stalks with a height of 1525 m. The fruits are small hairy drupes fused into the receptacle in the complex fruit. The fruit is typically red in color from pink to deep Burgundy, however, there are varieties of yellow and even black agevolare. The fruits usually appear in the second year.

In the first year on the replacement shoots in the leaf axils only laid two flower buds from which grow the second year of fruiting twigs. In southern areas the fruits appear on the shoots of the first year in mid-autumn. Wikipedia Raspberries, wild or cultivated shrub of the family Rosaceae up to 15 m tall, with perennial rootstock develops two-year stalks. Flowers in her white with a subtle pleasant aroma. Petals smaller sepals with many stamens and pistils.

Mass flowering raspberry falls at the end of may or beginning of June depending on the spring and the place of its growth and continues for two to three weeks. Raspberries ripen at different times depending on the weather. One can often see both on the Bush raspberry and ripe berries and green and flowers. But the mass collection of berries falls on Aug. Raspberry grown man has a number of advantages over the one that grows on clearings it is larger and easier to collect it.

From the European and the American red raspberry bristly the majority of economically valuable varieties of our country. Black and purple raspberry is of interest primarily for breeding. Raspberry is one of the most popular and leading crops. Berries are wonderful its taste and aroma is rich in chemical composition. They contain organic acid, sugar, aromatic and mineral substances and vitamins.

A harmonious blend of Sugars, organic acids and vitamins that makes raspberry dietary product is useful for the prevention and treatment of various diseases. It has long been raspberries are used as a mild diaphoretic and antipyretic especially useful when.

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