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In the cultivation of the raspberry consider that its young shoots in the first year, grow and produce fruit the second year and dry. The update stems occurs annually through root suckers. Raspberry prefers sunlit areas of fertile friable moderately moist soil, responds well to mulching with manure compost. At the same time she reacts negatively to the waterlogging of land due to excessive irrigation in addition to high doses of chlorine-containing potassium fertilizers in excessive thickening of the stems. Raspberries are propagated mainly by root suckers.

Dig up the young shoots in autumn or spring from the stems cut at a height of 2025 cm is moistened with water roots wrapped moist burlap. Transporterowych seedlings to the landing place in plastic bags. Young green suckers of raspberry in length 1015 cm excavated in may June can also be used for planting. For survival it is important that they have left the roots of the mother with a small lump of earth. Root cuttings with a length of 1520 cm thick 23 mm also root if they have fibrous roots and buds.

Blackberries are propagated from rooted tops. Reproduction of raspberry 1 green root suckers 2корневыми 3 woody cuttings root suckers. Care of raspberries in the autumn The raspberry stems hardy enough when the frost is 3035 degrees and below, they freeze slightly. Considering it's the fall before the frost-resistant in most warm hours of the day shoots are harvested in small bundles bends to the ground and tied with twine ribbon wire but not on the grounds of the nearby bushes. At the same time enjoy and wooden hooks.

This work is usually performed alone. In winter, watch that weighed down to the ground beams have been covered with snow. Care of raspberries in the spring During the spring snowmelt withdrawn from the area with melt water. As soon as the snow melts and slightly dry soil stems of raspberry free from the strapping. At the garter of plants to wires stretched along the rows to carry out sanitary pruning and remove to the ground broken patients extra thickening stems.

Per square meter leaving about 20 of them. Thin underdeveloped the tops of the plants slightly on 1520 cm shortened. Some gardeners, with a view to lengthening the maturity of the berries, the stems 34 in early spring the bushes are heavily pruned at a height of 081 metres of the remaining kidneys have a strong side shoots on which berries ripen much later. Before the budding raspberry bushes treated with NITROPHENOL and 57 days to flowering sprayed with Malathion. Usually, fruit-bearing plants, nitrogen fertilizers are applied in early spring as soon as the soil free from snow and before flowering.

The soil in the strip.

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