Cocktail "Raspberry"

08 january 2017, 21:11

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Right Energy Diet Energy Diet HD energy Diet Wrong Energydiet Enerdgy diet of Energizeit energy diets Energy diets Enerdzhi diet Energy diets Functional food is intended for systematic use Method of preparation Read more Consumer energy Diet has the possibility of information support. A detailed description of the product links on studies of how to use the program recommendations responses to the questions are all presented electronically on the ED website and printed catalog. Gamma Energy Diet in Russia and the CIS is a sweet 7 cocktail 5 soups omelette oatmeal dessert the creme brulee and bread with pasta berries. The wide range allows the user to diversify the diet and to choose what he likes. Additionally, fans of ED is often mixed cocktails vanilla and red fruits vegetables and the chicken mushroom and the chicken tastes So not even 16 they are much more.

The ingredients included in the ED is approved for use in food industry according to the legal framework of Russia and Europe. Energy Diet has passed the procedure of state registration is included in the state registry and have a certificate of state registration permitting the product to the territory of the Russian Federation and its turnover. The composition does not contain genetically modified components and modified microorganisms. To read the full benefits Energy Diet gtgt Soybean proteins Soybean oil Pea proteins Inulin chicory Acerola Royal jelly PP vitamins A B5 C E D3 B1 B2 B6 B9 B12 Biotin 100 g of dry product Per serving of the finished product % OAN Nutritional value Proteins 369 g 188 g 36% Carbohydrates 329 g 191 g 37% including mono - and disaccharides 221 g 158 g Fats 90 g 59 g 25% including saturated fatty acids 13 g 23 g Dietary fiber 68 g 20 g 2% Vitamins % REN Vitamin A 7623 mcg 2653 mcg 27% Vitamin D3 55 mcg 17 mcg 33% Vitamin E 122 mg 40 mg 27% Vitamin C 796 mg 265 mg 38% Vitamin B1 08 mg 04 mg 21% Vitamin B2 03 mg 05 mg 24% Vitamin PP 175 mg 54 mg 27% Vitamin B5 42 mg 20 mg 40% Vitamin B6 14 mg 05 mg 23% Vitamin B9 2034 µg 664 µg 17% Vitamin B12 10 µg 08 mcg 28% Biotin N 556 µg 167 mcg 33% Minerals Sodium 749 mg 3239 mg 13% Potassium 19882 mg 9265 mg 37% Phosphorus 7704 mg 4025м 50% Magnesium 1676 mg 735 mg 18% Iron 171 mg 55 mg 55% Zinc 97 mg 39 mg 33% Copper 13 mg 04 mg 40% Manganese 21 mg 06 mg 31% Iodine 1301 mcg 602 µg 40% Selenium 548 µg 183 µg 26% Calcium 11370 mg 5711 mg 46% 30 g of dry product + 200 ml 1.5% milk OEN of Total energy norm REN recommended daily intake Soybean proteins dextrose natural identical flavors pea proteins vegetable oil soybean oil dextrose syrup, Caseinate, natural flavoring starch potassium citrate 3-substituted, ortho-calcium phosphate 3-substituted beetroot inulin chicory thickeners.

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